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Finishing, Care & Maintenance

Staining Entry Doors

Staining your entry door completes its natural wood-grain appearance. This simple process is a project any home owner can complete with confidence. To help, Masonite has created a complete finishing system that allows you to easily stain your entry door. Download our step-by-step staining instructions to get started. In no time at all, you can create a lasting, beautiful finish on your new front door.
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Painting Entry Doors

This is one surefire way to differentiate your home. When driving through your neighborhood, note the homes that express themselves with a bold, colorful front door. You can do it too. Start with a high-quality acrylic latex house paint, select an accent color that makes a statement about you and your home’s exterior features and remember your door is the gateway to your home for friends and family. For easy-to-follow instructions, please download our painting guide.
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Painting or Staining Interior Doors

Masonite's step-by-step instructions make this project painless. We've included a list of tools and materials, so you’ll only need to make one trip to the store. When complete, your door will become the focus of your room.
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Acrylic Inserts Care and Handling

Masonite acrylic inserts add sophisticated charm to your French doors. Masonite has created a simple guide to help you keep your inserts looking beautiful with regular cleaning and maintenance. You can download the care and handling guide for complete step-by-step instructions.
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Frames - Painting & Staining

Preparation is the key to making painting easy! Before starting your project, it is important to identify which type of frame you will be painting and prepare the surface appropriately. You can get a flawless finish on your glass frame by downloading our step-by-step instructions and following a few simple steps.
Plastic Frames
Aluminum Frames


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