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About Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Bifold Door

An outward folding door, Bifold doors (or Bi-fold doors), like pocket doors, are commonly used in passageways or closets where space is at a premium. Interior Bifold doors consist of two narrow door panels that are hinged together. An overhead bifold track keeps the hinged panels aligned when opened or closed. A two door bifold consists of two hinged panels. A four door bifold is used in larger openings -usually 4 to 8 feet wide- and includes two 2-Door Bifolds that part to the left and right leaving the center wide open.

More about Interior Bifold doors:

  • Typical applications include closets, pantries, and laundry rooms, but Bifold doors can be used anywhere that space or clearance issues dictate greater flexibility.
  • Bifold doors come in numerous materials including wood, MDF, and molded panels.
  • Bifolds are also available with many kinds of inserts: decorative glass, mirrors, and louvers.
  • Bifold closet doors can be tailored to most any opening size and are purchased in 2-Door Bifold or 4-Door Bifold sets.
  • Compared to hinged passage doors, Bifold closet doors make it easy to reveal a large opening with little clearance.

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