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Add the Value of Curb Appeal for Big Returns

Entry doors offer the highest return on your remodeling dollar, according to a recent TODAY Show segment featuring HGTV "Power Broker," Mike Aubrey, and TODAY Financial Editor, Jean Chatzky. Citing the annual Cost vs. Value Report compiled by Remodeling.com, Chatzky noted that replacing your entry door offers more than 90% return on investment. In other words, you stand to recoup nearly all of your initial investment in the entry door when it comes time to sell your home. The value of a new entry door is due in part to the added level of security and durability it adds to a home; but a new entry door also adds to the home's overall curb appeal. And, as Chatzky pointed out, curb appeal is the key to attracting potential homebuyers.

Masonite offers an extensive selection of entry door options, making it easier than ever to enhance the beauty of your home, while adding to its overall value.

Visit our blog to learn more about how to increase your home's value with updated curb appeal. Click here to visit Masonite's blog.


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