Shaping Better Environments in Healthcare


Healthcare projects are complex and require more than a one-door solution. Not only does each door influence the overall aesthetic, the correct choice helps block out noise, stands up to abuse, and supports a sterile environment. Let us provide the solutions you need to create a more successful healthcare facility.

Your Complete Healthcare Door Solution

Proper door selection plays a central role in elevating comfort, safety and functionality, contributing to the building’s overall success. Door selection starts with understanding performance solutions.

Performance Solutions

Acoustically Sound Spaces

Patient Rooms — Acoustics can dramatically impact a patient’s ability to heal. High-STC doors help keep the noise out, supporting a restful recovery.



Extreme Durability

Corridors and Surgical Units — High-impact door edges and surfaces stand up to these heavy cart and stretcher-traffic spaces.




Optimal Hygiene

Clinical Areas — Clean-edge doors minimize bacterial growth and allow easy cleaning for infection prevention and control.




High Level of Aesthetics

Public Areas — Extensive veneer options introduce the warmth of natural aesthetic elements, which can improve patient comfort, mood and recovery. In fact, studies show patients without a view of nature have been shown to require twice the amount of pain medication.

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