Authentic Stile & Rail


Harring doors are now a legacy brand in our Aspiro Series Authentic Stile & Rail offering - designs made with the finest craftsmanship to help create world-class environments.

Our Authentic Stile & Rail doors embody the latest trends in design, and offer the flexibility that enables you to shape the truly custom look that you are after.

Shown below are our most popular styles. 


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Louver Style

Eyebrow Style

Archtop Style

Other Styles

Provence Style

Surface Types

Hard Wood
Soft Wood
Domestic Veneer
Exotic Veneer
High Density Fiberboard (HDF)

Core Types

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Structural Composite Lumber Core (SCLC)

Architectural Door Solutions Impactful Experiences, Truly Custom Looks

The Aspiro™ Series is expertly crafted to help you create world-class environments that inspire — spaces that are frequently visited but rarely forgotten.

Factory-Finished Stained Wood Doors


Combining 100 years of experience with our knowledge of modern design practices, we've selected the finest trend-forward stains that we meticulously factory-apply to achieve the highest quality color, sheen, tint and tone. Our factory-finished stained wood doors showcase their unique, natural surface character, completing and completing the built environment.



Stains on Plain Sliced White Maple


Stain color palette shown on Plain sliced white maple.

wood stains
Other Domestic veneers and exotic veneers available upon request

WarrantyVeneersFace GradesSolutions
LifetimeExotic  domesticAA & ASTC & Fire


Technical Documents


Below you'll find Technical Documents pertaining to our Stile & Rail offerings or view all product data sheets.




Whether you’re providing enhanced acoustics to ensure peace and privacy in patient rooms or greater durability to stand up to high levels of traffic in a hotel lobby — we have the right door solution for every opening.

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