Renewed Responsibility

Masonite was founded nearly 100 years ago  on sustainability principles and a revolutionary  process that transformed waste wood from  the logging industry into a durable pressed  hardboard. We take pride in our continuing  dedication to turn “waste into worth,” but  as we enter our second century, we want  to do even more. Our ambition is to build a  legacy as a company that gives back to the  environment, our employees, our communities,  our customers and our partners through our ESG vision of Renewed Responsibility.

Caring for the Environment

Combating climate change by minimizing our impact  on natural resources.

Set a carbon reduction target aligned to the latest climate science in the next two years

Responsibly source
100% of our wood by 2030

Uplifting Our Employees & Communities

Making safe, equitable, and sustainable choices for everyone, now and in the future.

Achieve a safety target of a Total Incident Rate less than 1.0 by 2030

Increase employee representation in management roles to 30% minorities in the U.S. and 35% women globally by 2030

Support 200 local community organizations by 2030

Innovating Sustainably

Developing and creating products that are good for the environment and our customers

Achieve an annual reduction in substances of concern in our products and processes

Integrate circular economy principles into the design of our products and processes