NEW to Masonite for 2018

Masonite has invested in game-changing new automated, high-speed glass assembly lines with warm-edge flexible spacers, as well as in NEW trending glass designs that put Masonite glass at the forefront of the door lite industry.





This modern style incorporates mistlite and granite textured glass with small clear accents to create a simple yet elegant design with a high degree of privacy.



This linear design utilizes granite textured and clear glass to create a look that incorporates seamlessly into transitional, classic and craftsman styles.



This full texture is a gentle vertical wave pattern, and is a great design for front door and patio applications.

New to Masonite for 2017

New door panel sizes and a new fir grain texture for VistaGrande as well as a
New Craftsman inspired Heritage Fiberglass Door Collection.



The new recessed 3-Panel exterior door combines crisp, clean lines inspired by classic craftsman architecture with the proven durability of  fiberglass. Select an opaque application for added privacy, or choose from our NEW Heartland Craftsman decorative glass collection to flood your entryway with natural light.



Instantly brighten any space with VistaGrande Flush-Glazed doors. Available in a number of glass options, VistaGrande doors offer a wider  viewing area and cleaner appearance over traditional glass inserts.

Heritage Series

Authentic Craftsman Detail

Carry authentic Craftsman style throughout your home with Masonite Heritage Series. Our NEW 3-panel exterior door offer the perfect compliment to our Winslow interior door.


Bring the outdoors in.

Instantly brighten any space with VistaGrande Flush-Glazed doors. Available in a number of glass options in ½, ¾, lite designs and fir textured fiberglass, VistaGrande doors offer a wider viewing area and cleaner appearance over traditional glass inserts.

Glass, Grids, & Miniblinds

Instantly Brighten Any Space


1. Allow clear glass to fill your home with light.

2. Decorative options when privacy matters. Choose Chord, Pear or Pearl® textured glass.

3. Classic glass with decorative grid design. Available in Centennial 10® or 15®.

4. SDL offering complements clear or textured glass designs with an array of designs to truly customize your VistaGrande® door.

5. Internal grid offering complements clear glass designs with a comprehensive array of design choices to truly customize your   VistaGrande® door.

6. Add authentic craftsman appeal to any entryway. Choose either SDL or Internal Grids.

7. Imagine a blind you don’t have to dust or clean. Our blinds are built into efficient sealed units protected with tempered glass. A single touch easily opens/closes blinds for privacy and light exposure.