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At Masonite we have a very specific purpose: We Help People Walk Through Walls. Both physically by providing great doors, and metaphorically through our culture, engaging each other and providing our diverse teams with the tools, training, development and confidence to cross new thresholds both personally and professionally.

Our Culture

Join a team where your voice matters!

People Principles

You work in a safe, healthy, attractive and environmentally as well as socially conscious environment.

You believe in our purpose and know what is expected of you in your job.

You share in the success and performance of the business.

You are challenged and regularly have constructive conversations about your performance.

You feel fulfilled by your work and are empowered to develop your capabilities.

You operate as a member of a high-functioning team in an inclusive and respectful environment.

You are recognized and competitively rewarded for your performance.

Early Careers Programs


At Masonite, our goal is to develop an intern from a student to full-time employee by providing the experience and guidance needed to launch a successful career. Our internship program empowers students to “walk through walls,” transitioning from classroom theories to real-world experiences. Masonite interns acquire and hone skills such as problem-solving, impactful communication and collaborating effectively with co-workers at all levels of the organization.

In the U.S., we have opportunities for internships in many locations and areas of interest. We typically recruit in the autumn and winter for start dates the following summer. Openings are limited, so please apply in August and September to increase your opportunity for consideration.

Join Our Plant Manufacturing Team

At Masonite, we believe a door is more than just a door; and we also know that the employees who build our doors are more than just employees. Most Masonite employees work in our plants at 38+ locations across the USA/Canada, and 10+ International locations, where we promote a culture of creativity, collaboration, adaptability and integrity based on a strong commitment to our vision.


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