straight on image of a 3/4 lite vista grande M-Pwr smart door in a transitional home

Exterior doors

Get stylish front doors that add curb appeal, patio doors with glass that let in natural light and more.


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Whether you’re looking for next-generation fiberglass doors, a fully powered and connected smart door, or both, the possibilities are endless with Masonite.

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Product benefits

Add front or patio doors with glass panels to increase light in your home, show off your unique style with a variety of on-trend designs and more.

Integrate tech

Modernize your home with doors designed to make life easier, from fully powered front doors to technology that helps beautiful wood doors last longer — and more.

Conserve energy

Protect your home from the elements with a door system that keeps air and water out, so you can stay comfortable inside and increase energy efficiency.

Increase light

Brighten your home with doors that let in natural light and allow it to flow from room to room. Choose from a variety of glass designs that look great without compromising privacy.

Elevate style

Add curb appeal with exterior doors that complement your home’s design. Whether it’s classic, craftsman, transitional or modern, there’s a perfect door to match your aesthetic.

Enhance safety

Enjoy greater peace of mind and protect what matters most with doors that include integrated security features, advanced locks, or fire and impact ratings.