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Warranty information

Download warranty information on your Masonite products below. Warranty claims should be filed with the retailer or dealer where the door was purchased.

M-Pwr set-up and support

Get in-depth answers to all of your questions about M-Pwr Smart Doors and access set-up guides, app registration, support and FAQ.

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Angled shot of a homeowner registration tag on the side of an open black door.

Masonite Performance Door System registration and warranty

If you have this tag on your door, then go here to register the product and get specific information, such as warranty, for the performance door system.

Other product registration

Click “register now” to register all other Masonite products. Make sure to have all the details available, including the door type and date and place of purchase.

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Door how-tos

Expert Guidance
Everything you need to know about the door buying process

Ready to buy a new door? Our guide is a good starting point on your journey.

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How to measure a door

The first step in preparing for a successful new door installation is to measure the space in your home.

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A guide to cleaning, maintaining and caring for your door

A front door is an important piece of your home that should be appropriately cared for and maintained to optimize its performance.

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Door FAQs

Get answers to your frequently asked questions.

Exterior doors

Interior doors

Other door FAQs

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