A woman wearing a face mask and a bright green Masonite shirt using a paint sprayer to paint a door black

Work with us

What it’s like to work at Masonite

Join our team of 10,000+ global artisans, designers, makers and experts.

A person cutting wood in a warehouse while wearing safety vests and glasses

Our mission

We make life and living better by designing and producing doors that address human needs for comfort, safety, security and convenience.

A man wearing safety goggles and a vest standing in front of a large tool

Career and talent development

We create opportunities for our teams to realize their full potential in a safe and rewarding environment. Masonite is committed to developing our people for positive growth through learning, employee engagement, performance management, skills assessment and mentorship programs.

A group of 8 individuals standing in front of a wall mural that says "we help people walk through walls"

Internships and apprenticeships

Masonite offers internships, co-ops and apprenticeship programs at locations including Masonite headquarters, the Masonite Innovation Center (MIC) and select manufacturing facilities.

A man wearing safety goggles and a vest operating machinery

Benefits and perks

Masonite is proud to offer a benefits program that helps our employees, their families and our communities thrive. We make wellness and happiness a priority so every team member is empowered to do their best.

Three women sitting on a couch looking at laptop screens together

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Masonite, we are committed to building an equitable workforce. Our shared values reflect the diverse communities we live in and serve. Through environmental, social, and governance initiatives and inclusive programs like employee affinity groups and leadership transparency, we embrace an intentional approach to respect and belonging.

Two men painting a sidewalk while wearing green Masonite shirts

People and communities

Masonite fulfills Our Purpose, We Help People Walk Through Walls, by assisting others in overcoming barriers. Our employees actively engage in the communities where we live and work.