We make life and living better through Doors That Do MoreTM

Our Vision

To deliver growth with customers, partners and employees through Doors That Do More™

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More Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is at the core of who we are. We strive to make a difference for our planet, employees, and communities. Learn more about our efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance.


Masonite was built on a foundation of innovation, and that spirit of innovation continues to thrive today. Learn more about the innovative ideas and technology behind Doors That Do More™.

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Our Purpose

Masonite fulfills its Purpose, “We help people walk through walls,” by assisting others in overcoming barriers — whether physical, financial or emotional. Our employee teams actively engage in the communities where we operate in support of a variety of causes, including youth education and development, affordable housing, fighting hunger and more.

From product innovation, to service solutions, to sustainability initiatives to reimagining the way we educate and inspire our people. We are bringing more new thinking and fresh ideas.
A better door finding and buying experience. User-friendly support. A more friction free customer journey. Better ways to integrate and connect. And a smarter interface that solves pain points and adds superior value.
A deep dedication to doing more, adding more, and being more for our customers, our partners, and our team members. An obsession with detail and a profound commitment to finding solutions.
The kind of leadership that inspires people to increase our organizational capabilities, drives operational excellence and discipline, enables growth for our people and leverages 90+ years of success to disrupt and innovate.

Our Cultural Pillars

Integrity Under Pressure

Put us under pressure, turn up the heat and our integrity stays intact. It’s more than the structural integrity of our product, at Masonite integrity is the foundation
of everything.

People Are Key

We go out of our way to support and respect one another at Masonite—whether it’s working to keep each other safe, working well with others or working to improve our communities.

Hold The Door Open

At Masonite, we hold the door open for each other and for new ideas. As we’ve grown, our company has put out the welcome mat, so everyone can freely contribute ideas and add value.

Flexibility In Every Fiber

Every product and every person at Masonite is versatile and resilient. Our unique combination of durability and resourcefulness lets us exhibit both flexibility and urgency.

Results Hinge on Accountability

We take personal accountability to perform our jobs safely and to the best of our ability. Accepting ownership and responsibility, we follow through on commitments. Priorities are established and aligned across the business, resources are allocated and our people are empowered to deliver. Our track record of results builds trust and a reputation for dependability.

Crossing The Threshold

At Masonite, we continuously strive to improve both our customers’ experiences and our products. It’s that drive that leads us to revolutionize the door industry, again and again.

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