Environmental, Social and Governance

Read about our progress to date in our latest report.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Read about our progress to date in our latest report.

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Howard Heckes CEO and President

Howard Heckes, President and CEO

“We are more focused than ever on embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities into our business processes.”

Product Responsibility and Innovation:

When William H. Mason founded Masonite, he didn’t just change the industry; he created a new one – one that transforms waste into worth and materials into what matters.


Safe and Efficient Operations:

In our facilities and across our operations, Masonite is committed to environmental and social responsibility.

People and Communities:

With approximately 10,500 Masonite employees around the world, our goal is to provide safe and engaging workplaces, competitive benefits and pay and equal opportunities.


Sustainable Supply Chains:

Masonite is striving to ensure our employees and suppliers are treated ethically, our raw materials are sourced responsibly, our products are of the highest quality, our packaging is optimized and our distribution channels are efficient and safe.

About Our ESG Approach

We first launched our formal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program in 2018 to underscore our pledge to be proactive in our operations and transparent in our endeavors for continued improvement. Our ESG efforts are overseen by the Corporate Governance, Sustainability and Nominating Committee of our Board of Directors, who strive to further our strategies to advance our company’s corporate citizenship.

ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance


Reducing our impact on the environment through our products, operations and supply chain.

ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance


Committing to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, engaging our workforce and giving back to our  communities.

ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance


Ensuring our policies and practices align with our corporate objectives and strategy.

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Find all information and data related to aspects of our ESG pillars, performance, policies and initiatives.