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For residential & multi-family professionals

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Builders & designers

Create houses that your customers can feel at home in. At Masonite, we design solutions that support the success of an entire project, from concept to completion, so you can make their vision a reality.

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Dealers & distributors

Growing your business is important, but it’s not always easy. That’s why we work to exceed expectations for our dealers, distributors and other partners with on-time delivery, quality products and a variety of options for any customer.

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Reports & Guides

Make homes ready for the realities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. This report highlights what homeowners care about most and offers practical ideas for what you can do increase the appeal — and value — of your builds.

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Learn about our products, get access to sales and marketing materials and help drive revenue with Mconnect®: a free online resource we created for our pro partners. Sign up or sign in to gain access.