California Proposition 65 Customer Notification:
California Proposition 65 requires that California consumers be notified about certain amounts of listed chemicals in the products they purchase that are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

If you sell Masonite products (as a stand-alone unit or as a component of a system assembly) in the State of California, or if any of your downstream distributors or retail customers sell Masonite products in the State of California, to comply with your duties under Proposition 65, you must provide a copy of the warnings (refer to enclosures) along with an explanatory letter to your downstream distributors or retail customers that sell Masonite products in the State of California to inform them of their duties under Proposition 65, and you must make reasonable efforts to ensure that retailers are, for Wood Products, properly posting the Wood Dust Warning sign or including the Wood Dust Warning on a receipt or invoice, and for Certain Doors/Door Slabs, Radiation Shielded Doors, and Certain Fenestration Jambs/Stiles/Rails, also properly labeling the products with the Short Form Warning.

If you, a Masonite Customer, in the course of your business conduct further modification of Masonite components or product or include any Masonite component or product as a portion of a larger assembly, your use is deemed occupational in nature.  Please refer to the applicable Masonite product or component safety data sheet for material hazard warning information.  Masonite product and component safety data are accessible via a Masonite Customer Service location representative at 1-800-663-3667.


California Proposition 65 – Consumer Warning Requirements 

Sample warning sign and sample warning label