close up angled image of a boy using his phone to unlock the M-Pwr smart door

Integrate Technology

Modernize your home with doors designed to make life easier.

Get a head start on smart

M-pwr™ smart doors

The first-ever powered and fully integrated smart door that includes LED welcome lights, a smart lock and a Ring video doorbell brings security and convenience to a whole new level. It’s an intuitive, always-on front door that connects you to your home — and the people who matter most.

M-Pwr Smart Doors

Angled shot of two Masonite employees working on a door in a factory.

The door to a brighter future

Material technology

Our team of researchers and developers work at the Masonite Innovation Center to test new designs and product features so we can ensure the highest levels of comfort, safety, security and convenience.

Preserving the beauty of wood

Wood doors

Enjoy natural beauty that lasts. Masonite’s DuraStyle™ wood doors feature AquaSeal™, which makes them 22x more resistant to water penetration than unsealed wood doors.

Angled shot of grey house with quarter lite three panel brown door with double quarter lite single panel sidelites, all with glass inserts, on a front porch with marble steps.
Wide angle front view shot of a modern style dark grey full lite double door leading to an outdoor patio.

Engineering a better view

Doors with glass

Get a clearer view of what’s outside. The glass panels in Masonite exterior doors feature a warm-edge metal spacer that prevents fogging and condensation, creating a better view.