Lock it down: How to choose the best front door lock for your home

By Masonite

There is a strong desire for enhanced home security. With Masonite's M-Protect Multi-Point Security Lock, feel protected and secured in your own home.

close-up of an M-Protect door lock on a light blue exterior fiberglass door

A strong front door lock will help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. After all, front door locks are the first line of defense in protecting our homes.  
When it comes to determining the best front door lock for your home, remember: there are different options for different lifestyles. Every family has their own unique life situations and security needs. Whatever your needs may be, we're here to help you make your front door more secure. 

Front door lock options

Those looking for basic levels of security from their home's exterior will likely start with a standard deadbolt lock. With simple to use latching systems, it’s often the baseline choice for many homeowners.  
The most secure front-door lock is a multi-point lock, which is exactly what it sounds like — a system with more than one point of contact with your door’s frame. Door systems with multi-point locks are more impact-resistant because of the multiple points of contact; they don’t just rely on one singular bolt to keep the door secure.  
Both of these versions can be found in smart lock formats, making access into a home simpler and more streamlined for many homeowners. However, they do add a layer of maintenance in order to ensure the locking system remains charged and operational.  

open front door with m-protect multi-point security lock

3 considerations when buying an exterior door lock

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a front door lock. Security level, door type and design, and budget considerations are just a few. 

1. Security level

The security level is single-handedly the most important feature when deciding on a front-door lock. When looking for a front-door lock, you want to ensure that the lock has a good, standardized ANSI rating. ANSI rating is important because it is a standardized grading system that evaluates the strength and reliability of locks. The most ideal rating for exterior doors (for the front or back of your home) should be a Grade 1 lock. This ensures maximum protection against intruders. Grades 2 and 3 are also good, but meant for less critical doors such as interior doors. 

2. Door type and design

Door type and design are also essential factors to consider when choosing the right door lock. As mentioned before, exterior doors often require higher-grade durability and security than we traditionally expect from those used between internal rooms. Doors can also come in a variety of thicknesses to provide varying levels of protection from both break-ins and the elements. However, this does impact which deadbolts may fit, as these are not one-size-fits-all.  
One other piece to consider is lifestyle habits, especially if you need to make many copies of keys for family members. Or, if you are using this lock on a vacation rental, you may want to make sure it is easily transferrable and is simple to use for multiple people.   

3. Budget

One final consideration, when deciding which front door lock is for your home, is budget. Most locks cost between $30 and $250, which is a big range. How much you end up spending depends on what tools you have at home already, if you’re installing it yourself, or if you need to pay for labor.   

The best front door lock for home security

The M-Protect™ Multi-Point Security Lock, a security enhancement that can be added to the Masonite® Performance Door System, offers ultimate impact resistance, a wide range of hardware compatibility and improved protection from the elements within your home.  This combination is 4x* stronger than a standard deadbolt, giving your home unmatched protection.

a light blue front door that's open with red circles around the multi-point lock

3 reasons to choose M-Protect

There are a number of added benefits for homeowners looking to up their exterior door security: 

1. Ultimate impact resistance

With the ability to withstand up to 480 joules of force, the design of M-Protect adds an extra level of security, preventing unwanted visitors. To illustrate how resistant to impact the M-Protect Multi-Point lock is, during a demonstration, a 45-lbs kettle bell hitting a deadbolt door broke the door every time with one hit. However, that same kettle bell not only was unable to break through the door, but with that same demonstration happening consistently over a 3-day window, the door remained intact and operational. 

2. Hardware compatibility

Whether you prefer a traditional or electronic deadbolt, M-Protect offers compatibility with a wide range of hardware options on the market, making it a great choice for most homeowners.   

3. More protection and performance

M-Protect is part of the Masonite Performance Door System, which is a weather-resistant solution that increases energy efficiency and comfort in the home, giving your home unmatched protection.  

One size doesn't always fit all

Ultimately, choosing the best front door lock involves balancing safety, lifestyle and budget considerations. Options range from standard deadbolts, both traditional and electronic, to multi-point systems like Masonite’s M-Protect Multi-Point Security Lock. ANSI security ratings, door type and thickness and overall cost should be factors guiding your decision, too. Again, every home is different! By weighing all these factors, you’ll be able to choose the best front door lock to suit your home’s security needs.   

*Testing performed on a door without glass, results may vary for other door styles.

Last Updated: June 12, 2024