10 Craftsman interior and front doors

By Masonite

As one of the most popular home styles, Craftsman homes is recognized by many for its understated charm.

The outside of a craftsman-style home with black paneling, wood columns and wood double front doors with glass inserts

Dating all the way back to the late 19th century, Craftsman-style homes remain one of the most popular styles of home in America. A Craftsman home is easily recognized by its bungalow-inspired layouts and understated charm. They typically feature large covered front porches, earthy color palettes and columns supporting the front portion of the roof.  
Detail is minimal yet purposeful (think cabinets and furniture with recessed paneling). Craftsman homes honor man-made, handcrafted details. This is a departure from Victorian-style homes, which were mass-produced and overly ornate. 
In this article, we’re sharing Craftsman front, interior and patio doors for your beautiful historic home.

A woman inside her home's entryway walking toward her white craftsman-style front door with dentil shelf, integrated video doorbell and smart lock
Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors

3 Craftsman front doors

Craftsman homes are noted for their use of natural materials. As such, Craftsman front doors are generally made of wood (often oak, mahogany or fir) or materials that emulate the look of wood, like fiberglass. The natural grain and texture of the wood are often showcased, either with a clear finish or a stained color. Additionally, the door often has one or more rectangular panels that are recessed or contain decorative glass. 
Here are some front door ideas if your home is Craftsman-style: 

1. DuraStyle 3/4 Lite 9 Lite (543 Artisan) exterior wood door with glass

The outside of a home featuring a wood door with 9-lite over 1 panel design, black siding, and wood columns
Masonite DuraStyle 3/4 Lite 9 Lite (543 Artisan) Exterior Wood Door

For the most authentic look, go with a genuine wood front door. A front door with glass will help fill your home with natural light while something like a 9-lite design adds just the right amount of detail.   
However, it is important to note that wood generally requires more maintenance than other types of doors. Wood is a living entity, meaning it can shrink, crack and delaminate as it’s exposed to moisture over time.  
If you select a wood door for your home, opt for a Masonite DuraStyle™ exterior wood door with AquaSeal™ technology. AquaSeal is a sealant that dries clear and makes your door up to 22 times more resistant to water penetration, which helps your Craftsman front door stay looking beautiful.

2. Flush-Glazed Winslow 3 Panel exterior fiberglass front door

A close-up of the front porch of a house with white siding and a tan 3-panel door with black hardware and a dentil shelf
Masonite Flush-Glazed Winslow 3 Panel Exterior Fiberglass Door

If you want the look of wood without the maintenance, consider a fiberglass exterior door for your Craftsman home. The Masonite Winslow 3 Panel exterior fiberglass door features detailed panel profiles that mimic the craftsmanship of wood. The door is also designed with flush-glazed glass perfectly aligned with the lower panels for exact architectural correctness.  
For years of enduring beauty and performance, upgrade to the Masonite Performance Door System. When any of our on-trend fiberglass exterior doors are paired with our 4-Point Performance Seal, it results in a door system that’s 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor. Plus, the Masonite Performance Door System is backed by a 10-year limited full replacement warranty.

3. Hollister 2 Panel steel

For a Craftsman front door that won’t break the bank, consider a steel front door. The Masonite HD Hollister 2 Panel exterior steel door features high-definition panel profiles that complement the iconic attention to detail that make Craftsman homes so loved.  
Not sure what color to paint your steel front door? Nature-inspired hues are the go-to for any Craftsman color palette. Deep navy blue, forest green and sunshine yellow are all popular Craftsman front door colors.

5 Craftsman interior doors

Craftsman interior doors are very similar to Craftsman front doors, as they are designed to complement the overall architectural style. These interior doors prioritize practical elegance over unnecessary ornamentation.  

1. Winslow 3 Panel interior molded door

A hallway in a home with beige/pink walls, sports equipment and a bench outside of a closed 3-panel white door with black hardware
Masonite Winslow 3-Panel Interior Molded Door

Specifically designed for Craftsman homes, the Winslow interior molded door is a timeless choice. It features three recessed Shaker-style panels designed to complement the recessed panel styles of cabinets and built-in furniture.  
Beyond the design of your Craftsman interior doors, it’s also important to think how it will function. The Winslow is available as either a hollow core or solid core door. Masonite interior solid core doors are made with 70% more sound-dampening material than our standard hollow core doors, making them ideal for bedrooms, offices, shared bathrooms and any other room where you need peace and quiet or privacy.  
Additionally, with their heft and weight, solid core doors convey a sense of quality you can feel the moment you open or close them. That also means solid core doors are more durable and resistant to daily wear and tear like dents and dings, making them a great option for family homes.

2. Lincoln Park 1 Panel interior molded door

The inside of a Craftsman-style laundry room with white wainscotting, beige walls, wood cabinets and a closed gray 1-panel door with white trim
Masonite Lincoln Park 1-Panel Interior Molded Door

Sometimes Craftsman interiors skew a bit more contemporary. If you prefer simpler interior doors to fit a more modern aesthetic, the Lincoln Park interior molded door is a safe choice. Like the Winslow, it features a Shaker-style panel design that beautifully complements Craftsman homes. 
The Lincoln Park is also available as a solid core or hollow core door. 

3. 4 Panel Mission (C46) interior wood door

A big kitchen with deep green cabinets, light walls and an open 4-panel wood door leading into an organized pantry
Masonite 4-Panel Mission (C46) Interior Wood Door

If you have your heart set on timber, the 4 Panel Mission (C46) interior wood door is an excellent option for Craftsman homes. It is available in many different species options, including white oak, mahogany and fir—the most popular species for Craftsman homes.  
Since the door is wood, it can also be customized by adding glass. Add clear or frosted glass to the top panel to create the perfect Craftsman pantry door! 

4. K-Bar Knotty Pine barn door kit

A hallway with a wood k-bar open barn door leading into a laundry room with green cabinets
Masonite K-Bar Knotty Pine Barn Door Kit

For smaller spaces within your Craftsman home, consider adding a sliding barn door.  Though sliding barn doors originated in farmhouse-style homes, their clever, space-saving design has made them a popular option for many interior design schemes, including Craftsman. Simple, rustic barn door designs like the K-Bar Knotty Pine Barn Door are perfect for historic Craftsman homes.  
Masonite Barn Door Kits include everything you need to make over a space in about 90 minutes: a predrilled barn door slab, installation instructions and all the necessary hardware: mounting board, track and rollers, stoppers and guides, screws and bolts and handle. Plus, the kits come in a variety of styles, from rustic to modern, to complement any home.

5. 2 Panel Sandy Brown barn door kit

Prefer something a bit more modern? The 2 Panel Sandy Brown Barn Door features a simple, lightly weathered plank design. It goes perfectly with the exposed beams that are a popular interior feature in many Craftsman homes. 

2 Craftsman patio doors

The back porch or outdoor patio area often embodies the spirit of the Craftsman architectural aesthetic. The doors leading out to this outdoor oasis create a seamless extension of the home's natural coziness and warmth. 

1. VistaGrande Flush-Glazed Full Lite exterior fiberglass front door

A patio of a Craftsman-style home with blue/black horizontal siding, beige chairs surrounding a round center table, and a gray double patio doors with a full pane of glass in each
Masonite Performance Door System VistaGrande Flush-Glazed Full Lite Exterior Fiberglass Door

Masonite exterior fiberglass doors allow up to 18% more light than doors with traditional glass frames. The doors are available in a Fir-textured finish to emulate the notable wood features of a Craftsman home—without the maintenance.

2. DuraStyle ¾ Lite 6 Lite (506 Artisan) exterior wood door 

For a more authentic look, consider genuine wood patio doors in a ¾ lite design with an intricate panel profile. The glass panels are arranged in a grid pattern, divided by wooden muntins to convey that distinctive Craftsman feel. 

Craftsman doors FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Craftsman-style doors: 

1. What is the shelf called on a Craftsman door?

Craftsman-style doors typically have a small shelf near the top called a dentil shelf. While many homeowners use the dentil shelf to hang wreaths and other decor from, this shelf mostly functions as an accent piece on your door, offering character you can see from the curb. 

2. How do I maintain and care for a Craftsman door?

How you maintain and care for your doors depends on its material. Be sure to review our guide on cleaning, maintaining and caring for your door to learn more. Just like other parts of your home, regular cleaning and proper care of your doors keep them beautiful and functioning as they should. 

3. Can Craftsman-style doors be customized?

At Masonite, we have many configurations to choose from when selecting your Craftsman exterior and interior doors. Decide which material you want, the style of the glass, the number of panels and more. 

Last Updated: June 28, 2023