A look inside Masonite M-Pwr: the first-ever smart door

By Masonite

The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door makes other front doors obsolete. Learn how the integrated video doorbell, smart lock, battery back-up and other features make life easier.

A women with a cell phone in her hand standing outside a white house with a wood door with two sidelites that has a video doorbell, smart lock and LED lights on at the top, keyhole, and bottom of the door

"Why install a smart camera and lock on the door when you can have a door with everything?" writes Tech Xataka when reviewing the new Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors ™, "This ‘smart’ door incorporates LED lighting, a Ring Doorbell Cam video doorbell, a Yale Smart Lock, and other extras like an extra battery for when the power goes out, a combo that makes other doors obsolete." 

couple carrying luggage walk through black smart front door with video doorbell and smart lock on a white house with a slatted wood front porch

A lot happens at your front door. And by integrating all these features, M-Pwr Smart Doors help make life much easier.  
Imagine, for instance, your in-laws are in town, and you still have a lot to do before they arrive. You head out to pick up some dry-cleaning and grab a few extra snacks to have on hand.  
As you’re checking out at the grocery store, your smart watch pulses with a notification: front door was opened. You grab your phone to check the security footage and see that your mother- and father-in-law’s flight must have gotten in early.  
Fortunately, they used the smart lock code you texted earlier, so they didn’t have to wait outside in the sweltering summer heat while you finished your last-minute errands.  All thanks to your smart door. 

The parts that power Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors

So, what exactly makes a smart door smart? Learn more about the features designed to keep your home connected and protected.  

Premium fiberglass door

A woman with a cell phone in her hand approaching a fir-texture fiberglass smart door with two sidelites

Surprisingly, a smart door doesn’t look all that different from a traditional front door. All M-Pwr Smart Doors include our Masonite Performance Door System, which features a premium fiberglass door and 4-Point Performance Seal.  
Altogether, this system has proven 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor, resulting in superior energy efficiency, performance and comfort.​​ Here’s what sets the system apart: 

  • Square edge door: Other manufacturers use rounded edges, which lead to an insufficient seal. Our square edge, however, fits perfectly into the door frame for a solid, energy efficient seal. 
  • Self-adjusting sill: Most sills need to be manually adjusted—but ours automatically adjusts. This means advanced protection from air and water leaks.
  • Adaptive weatherstripping: Our adaptive weatherstripping is made of high-end, low-wick memory foam that stops both air and water in its tracks.
  • Enhanced corner pads: Our enhanced corner pads are designed to stop water driven by wind. They form a tight seal between the door and its frame.
  • Rot-resistant frame: Our rot-resistant frame never wicks water, swells or molds. It’s immune to both the heat and cold, providing quality and durability.
  • Fiberglass construction: Our premium fiberglass doors don’t rot, warp or crack, making them virtually waterproof. Plus, they come in a variety of designs to complement any home — from modern to Craftsman through transitional and even classic.

Fully integrated power and back-up

M-Pwr Smart Doors connect to your home’s power supply, so you never have to worry about turning them on or off. We know what you’re probably thinking: wait… what if I lose power?  
The smart door includes a battery back-up to ensure your door stays on, even if the electricity goes out. The power is routed through the top of the door frame and transferred to low-voltage energy, making it safe to use and easy to access for any maintenance.

App connectivity

Stay in control of your home, no matter where you are. The M-Pwr app centralizes the door’s core integrated features, including your smart doorbell and smart lock.  Switch on lights, check if the door is open or closed, customize your settings and more all through the app.  
Plus, there are no monthly subscriptions required: you simply create an account, register your door and set up your additional devices. The Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen with Wi-Fi also does not require any subscription fees. The built-in Ring Peephole Doorbell Camera comes with a free 30-day trial of the Ring Protect video recording service. If you wish to store recordings in the cloud after 30 days, you will need to purchase a subscription through Ring Protect Plans

LED welcome lighting

A woman entering her entry code on an integrated keypad on the first-ever smart door

Illuminate your front entrance to help delivery drivers find the right spot and prevent package theft. LED lighting is also a good feature to have so you can feel secure walking through your door at night. Program your smart door’s LED lights for motion activation or to switch on at a specific time.

Smart video doorbell

Easily monitor your front door from anywhere, whether you’re at work for the day or abroad for a two-week vacation. The built-in video doorbell allows you to see who drops by or confirm that packages were delivered. You can check in using the live stream feature or review your doorbell’s recordings. (Recordings are free with a 30-day trial, otherwise a monthly Ring subscription is required.) 

Smart lock

Can’t remember if you locked up before you left? Or do you need to let the dog sitter in? The integrated smart lock lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your phone. 

Door state sensor

A phone in a person's hands open to the Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors app

Get alerted of any comings and goings from your home. A sensor detects if your door is open or closed and can notify you immediately. And with the integrated video doorbell with motion alerts, you’ll immediately know who just walked through your door.  

What you want to know about M-Pwr Smart Doors

Here are some frequently asked questions about the first-ever smart door:

1. Is this smart door covered by warranty?

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are built to last. Your new smart door is backed by a 10-year factory finish warranty, limited lifetime warranty, 20-year insulated glass warranty, 10-year power components warranty and 2-year electronics warranty. Read the full warranty to understand more about what it specifically covers.

2. How can I buy an M-Pwr Smart Door?

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors will soon be available for special order through The Home Depot. “We’re excited to partner with Masonite on this first-to-market smart door solution, coming later this year,” said Marc Becker, Merchandising Vice President of Millwork for The Home Depot.  
The first-ever smart doors will be on display in stores within major markets but can be purchased through special order at any location. “Customers will be able to take advantage of our expert door and window design team through our Millwork Virtual Apron platform, which makes choosing, designing and installing a door a seamless experience,” said Becker.  
To access The Home Depot’s Millwork Virtual Apron platform, call 833-HDApron or visit the website.