Interior and exterior doors to match any classic home

By Masonite

Classic homes are characterized by their symmetry, detail and timeless color palette. These doors can elevate your home's interior and exterior.

The interior of a home office with double dark green 8-panel doors, wood floors, pink couch and built-in bookshelf

When was the last time you thought about the doors in your home? We’ve spoken to many homeowners and learned that doors aren’t always top-of-mind. Does it open and close and fulfill its basic duty? For many, that's enough. 
But what if we told you that doors are so much more than a tool to close off a space? To start, all doors showcase your unique style. Exterior doors can enhance your home's curb appeal or increase your home security. Interior doors can serve as a room's focal point and can even help dampen/manage sound. With plenty of door designs and configurations to choose from, you have the ability to transform your home.  
One popular home style is the classic American home. From your entry door to your bedroom, you can achieve a classic, timeless look by swapping out the doors you currently have for something new. 
Read on to learn more about what a classic style home is and review some classic doors you may want to consider for your own space.

Classic home with a black front door with decorative glass, white siding and red brick walkway
Masonite Performance Door System Belleville 1 Panel 3/4 Lite

What is a classic style home? 

A classic home is one that has been influenced by Greek and/or Roman architecture. Elements of a classic home typically include: 

  • Symmetry: Classic homes are usually symmetrical and proportionate with clean lines, meaning columns and windows are evenly sized and spaced out. The door is usually positioned at the center of the home.
  • Quality materials: As classic homes are renowned for their enduring design, it’s no surprise that they are usually made from materials designed to stand the test of time. Classic homes tend to incorporate wood, marble, concrete and brick.
  • Ornate detail: These elegant homes feature dentil molding, medium pitched roofs, wainscoting, built-in fixtures, fireplaces and hardwood floors. A lot of times, even classic homes have some modern styling.
  • Timeless color palette: The colors of a classic home are rooted in tradition. These include neutrals like black, white, navy and cognac as well as rich jewel tones.
  • Iconic doors: The doors themselves are known to be quite distinctive. For the front door, this could be an elaborate panel design or intricate decorative glass. They can also be used for a provocative pop of color, such as a classic red door.

Examples of classic homes

There are many different styles of classic homes. Some of the most popular include:

Colonial homes

Colonial homes are found mostly in the northeastern United States. They usually have at least two stories, fireplaces and brick or wood facades. The classic Colonial-style floorplan includes the kitchen and family room on the first floor with bedrooms on the second floor.

Victorian homes

These richly detailed homes are found mostly in the south as well as the midwest. Victorian homes often feature a steeply pitched roof, ornamented or patterned shingles, a sweeping gable and bay box sash windows. Breaking slightly from perfect symmetry, Victorian-style houses can have an asymmetrical facade with a partial or full-width front porch.

Mediterranean homes

Mediterranean homes are most popular in warmer climates like California, Texas and Florida. Blending Spanish and Italian architectural elements, these homes feature arched windows and doors and emphasize outdoor living. Inside, you’ll find exposed beams, natural stone, hardwood floors and ornate tilework.

Classic front doors

As mentioned, the front door tends to be one of the most iconic features of a classic home. There are three different options for front door materials: wood, steel and fiberglass. Each material offers its own unique advantages with varying degrees of durability, security and price.

Classic wood entry doors

When most people think of a classic home, a gorgeous wood front door is what comes to mind.  
The uniqueness of the woodgrain is the most notable feature of these doors, with many species options available to complement any home—including traditional oak for an iconic Americana look or a rich mahogany that has more of a European feel.

Wood is also highly customizable and can be crafted with arched tops or detailed panels to further complement a classic home design style. For example, the 6 Panel Traditional (C66) exterior wood door features a symmetrical rectangular panel design that perfectly balances the columns of a Greek Revival home.  
It is important to note that wood can shrink, crack and delaminate over time, especially when repeatedly exposed to moisture and the elements. If you select a wood door for your classic home, opt for a Masonite DuraStyle™ exterior wood door with AquaSeal™ technology. AquaSeal is a sealant that dries clear and makes your door up to 22 times more resistant to water penetration, which helps your wood front door stand the test of time.

Classic fiberglass front doors

An exterior shot of a white brick home with topiaries on either side of the front porch and a red 1-panel front door on square 2 panel door
Masonite Performance Door System Lincoln Park Exterior Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass doors offer excellent performance with a look that rivals the appearance of a genuine wood door. These strong, long-lasting, weather-resistant doors won’t rust or rot, and resist dents better than steel or wood doors. 
Fiberglass doors are available in a wide variety of designs that would fit practically any classic home. The Belleville Square 2 Panel exterior fiberglass door is the perfect choice to carry an iconic pop of color (like an eye-catching red) on a brick Georgian home. 
Another popular classic choice is a black front door with glass. A versatile option that can actually fit any style home, black doors have been trending upwards over the past couple of years and showing no signs of slowing down. It’s a timeless choice that can elevate the look of your home’s exterior. 
Any of our on-trend fiberglass exterior door designs are available as a part of the Masonite Performance Door System. Tested and proven to be 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor, the door system is also backed by a 10-year limited full replacement warranty. 

Classic steel exterior doors

A forest green 2-panel plank door on the front of a cream cottage-style home
Masonite Cheyenne Exterior Steel Door

If you’re on a budget, a painted steel door will probably be the most economical option for your classic home. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality—steel is a strong material. 
Steel doors are also available in a variety of design options, including high-definition panels. In particular, the Cheyenne 2 Panel Plank exterior steel door features a slightly rounded top and distinct planking that works perfectly with a French cottage home. 
However, strength doesn’t equal durability. Steel doors have a tendency to dent and require routine maintenance to prevent rusting.

Classic interior doors

Interior doors should complement the architectural details of your classic home, such as the crown molding, wainscoting or any built-in furniture.

Classic bedroom doors

A good night’s sleep is the most important factor when choosing a bedroom door. Masonite solid core doors feature 70% more sound-dampening material than our standard hollow core doors, which make them the best choice for your sleep sanctuary.   
Solid core doors are available in many ornate panel designs to complement classic bedroom decor, including the 2 Panel Roman.

A wood-looking closet door with mirrored glass in a primary bedroom with gray walls and greenery
Masonite Full-Length Mirror Interior Wood Door

For your bedroom closet door, consider a classic wood with a unique, built-in detail. The Full Length Mirror (1501) interior wood door feature comes with a full-length mirror option and can be painted or stained to match your décor.

Classic bathroom doors

For shared bathrooms, solid core doors are an excellent choice as they provide more privacy. Other panel designs perfect for classic homes include the 6 Panel interior molded door or the 4 Panel Traditional (C44) interior wood door.  
For en suite baths, incorporating a sliding barn door can both elevate the style and maximize space utilization.

An Auburn wood-looking barn door attached to a gray bedroom wall with a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows
Masonite K-Bar Auburn Barn Door Kit

Many people think about barn doors as being specifically for more rustic or farmhouse-style homes, but the Masonite lineup of barn doors proves otherwise. No matter the style you prefer, including classic, there is a barn door that’s perfect for your space. 
The K-Bar Auburn barn door kit features a warm wood-like finish that coordinates beautifully with the woodwork of a classic home. Plus, door installation is easy: Masonite Barn Door Kits with hardware include everything you need to make over a space in about 90 minutes.

Classic laundry room doors

Doors with glass can help make your laundry room feel larger, lighter and airier. The Full Lite Laundry (1501) interior wood door features a unique etched design ideal for classic homes. 

An interior door with frosted glass pane insert leading into a hallway from a laundry room
Masonite Full-Lite Interior Wood Door

If sound-dampening is more important for you, go with the 2 Panel Roman interior molded solid core door to help keep the rumble of your dryer at bay.

FAQs about classic doors

These frequently asked questions about classic doors can help inform your next upgrade: 

1. What about classic doors for my patio?

Like the rest of your classic home, ornate details are key to making the doors feel cohesive. For this reason, patio doors with more lites tend to work best.  
Seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces with a pair of French doors like the 15 Lite (1515) exterior wood doors or the 10 Lite (1510) exterior wood doors.

2. What color should my classic doors be?

While classic palettes tend to be timeless and neutral, front doors are a bit bolder. The most popular classic front door colors include red, brown and navy. More daring classic homeowners may up the ante by painting their front door green or purple.  
Black front doors have seen a resurgence in recent times and are particularly popular with classic palettes, especially when paired with a high-gloss finish.  
Inside the home, you have a bit more flexibility. Neutral colors, like black, white and brown, will always be in style. However, as trends change, painting an interior door gives you a chance to experiment with color without committing to painting an entire wall. Classic revival trends have introduced accent colors ranging from electric blue to pastel pink and a range of deeply saturated warm hues.

Last Updated: June 27, 2023