6 most popular modern front doors

By Masonite

Style your modern home right and increase curb appeal with a popular Masonite modern front door.

A tan 5-equal lite exterior door with two sidelites on a modern black and white home with wood paneling around the entry

As interest rates rise, many homeowners are left wondering... is it really worth it to move? And the general consensus is that completing renovations in your current home is the best choice.  

According to a survey from DEWALT, 52% of U.S. homeowners agree, with more than seven in 10 homeowners already planning on or considering a home renovation project in the next six months. 
Home renovation isn't only replacing flooring or installing pavers for an outdoor lanai -- it can include upgrading your doors too, and what a difference door replacement can make. Now's the chance to pick doors that reflect your personal style, and the style you want to incorporate throughout your home. 
Modern style is a popular choice because of the elegant simplicity that many homeowners want to see in their space. If you want to make your home more modern, consider these options. 

White and gray modern home with flat black roof, wood panels and white front door with two sidelites
Masonite Performance Door System Lincoln Park Exterior Fiberglass Door with Sidelites

What makes a home modern?

Modern home design rose to prominence in the 1920s. New technologies and the introduction of building materials like steel and concrete led to the creation of a “form over function” style of architecture—a stark contrast from the elaborate details of the Victorian era. 
Modern homes feature clean lines, geometric shapes, oversized windows, flat roofs, open living spaces, natural materials and a simple color palette. This design style is best-known for integrating simplicity into every element—including the front door.  

Modern vs contemporary style

You may see the terms modern and contemporary used interchangeably when referring to style, but there is a difference between the two. Knowing it can help guide your purchasing decisions. This is especially true if you are looking to use a more modern door for a contemporary home, or vice-versa. 
We've already shared that modern design is rooted in a specific period of time. Conversely, contemporary design is not. Instead, it features popular styles for the present day. You may see features of different design styles in a contemporary home, with many including bright metals like chrome and steel as well as the natural textures found in modern homes. 

6 popular modern front door ideas

Here are some modern door styles to review if you’re considering a front door replacement:  

1. Modern front door with glass

A front patio with a table and chairs, wood and tile deck, and an open red door with full pane of glass insert

A hallmark of modern homes is the emphasis on natural light. Natural light fills your home with radiance and warmth, helping you feel happier, healthier and more energized. That’s why modern home designs often incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows and front doors with glass.  
Masonite VistaGrande Flush-Glazed exterior fiberglass doors allow up to 18% more light than doors with traditional glass frames, helping to maximize the flow of natural light. The doors can also be customized to fit any modern home—from adding textured glass for more privacy or opting for a Fir-textured finish to emulate the warmth and luxury of wood without the maintenance.

2. Modern front door with no glass

The exterior of a Modern home with stone facade and walkway leading up to a wood-looking front door
Masonite Performance Door System Lincoln Park Exterior Fiberglass Door

While glass inserts in the front door is a popular feature for modern homes, it is not by any means a “must have.” If you’re looking for an option that provides great privacy, consider an opaque front door. 
The Masonite Lincoln Park exterior fiberglass door is a solid option for your modern home. This ultra-minimalist design features a single, Shaker-style recessed panel that conveys quality and craftsmanship without being overly ornate. The door is also available in a smooth or textured finish that can be painted or stained to match a modern palette: white, black and warm earth tones or even an eye-catching cobalt blue if you’re feeling bold.

3. Modern smart door

The exterior of a modern home with a black front door with a 3/4 lite glass panel, integrated video doorbell and smart lock
Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door with 3/4 Lite

Modern design is all about simplifying things to make life easier, and that includes integrating smart home technology. Smart homes incorporate internet-connected devices to enable the remote management of systems like lighting and security… and all that starts at the front door.  
The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door ™ is the first-ever powered and fully integrated smart door that includes LED welcome lights, a smart lock and a Ring video doorbell. The smart door comes with a battery back-up to ensure your door stays on and continues to power all these features, even if your electricity goes out.  
M-Pwr Smart Doors come in a variety of sleek fiberglass designs to complement your modern home. Choose a VistaGrande Full Lite or ¾ Lite design if you love natural light or an opaque design if you want more privacy. Sidelites can be added to either configuration to make your entryway even brighter.

4. Midcentury modern front door

Midcentury modern design refers to a very specific subset of modern homes. These retro-inspired homes feature iconic asymmetrical exteriors with windows extending to the roofline. They also tend to play with color, using rich, nature-inspired hues like mustard yellow or olive green to make a striking statement.  
Selecting the right front door helps tie the historic details of your midcentury modern home together. The Masonite Sta-Tru 5 Square Center Lites steel exterior door perfectly matches most midcentury modern designs.  
The door is available with a center lite configuration as well as left-aligned or right-aligned lites to accentuate midcentury asymmetry.  Plus, all Masonite Sta-Tru steel exterior doors are professionally pre-primed and arrive ready to paint. The hardest part is deciding on a paint color!

5. Modern wood front door

the outside of a modern home with a stone front surrounding double front doors made of wood
Masonite DuraStyle™ Le Chateau 4-Panel Equal Exterior Wood Door

Natural materials are another key component of a modern home. Wood counterbalances industrial materials like concrete, glass and steel, helping to bring a sense of character and warmth.     
The Masonite DuraStyle 6 Panel Horizontal (C60) exterior wood door with glass is an alluring choice for a modern front door. The horizontal lites complement the clean lines that are so prominent in modern design. The door can be stained to play up the natural wood or painted to complement a cool neutral color palette.  
However, it is important to note that wood generally requires more maintenance than fiberglass doors. It can shrink, crack and delaminate as it is exposed to moisture. If you select a wood door for your modern home, opt for a Masonite DuraStyle™ exterior wood door with AquaSeal™ technology. AquaSeal is a sealant that dries clear and makes your door up to 22 times more resistant to water penetration, which helps your wood front door stand the test of time.

6. Modern farmhouse front door

If a classic farmhouse style is a little too rustic for your taste, then you may want to consider designing your home in a modern farmhouse style. With this style you get the best of both worlds.  
To achieve it, combine comfortable, lived-in elements like natural wood and stone with whitewashing and a black accent color for a cleaner look. 
Then, upgrade your entry doors to match. Choose the VistaGrande Flush-Glazed 3/4 Lite exterior fiberglass door with a textured finish that looks modern and farmhouse in equal measures.

What about modern interior doors?

Your interior doors do not have to perfectly match your front door. The interior doors should, however, complement the distinct architectural elements of your modern home, such as minimal ornamentation and an emphasis on practicality and functionality.   

Modern minimalist interior doors

The interior of a modern bedroom with gray textured walls, wood elements, a bed with white linens, and a white 6-equal panel bedroom door
Masonite Berkley Interior Solid Core Door

Go for interior doors that feature simple panel designs, like the Berkley 7 Panel Horizontal interior molded door with clean, lightly embossed lines or an ultra-sleek flush interior molded door.  
Beyond the design, you should also consider how the door will function. For example, is the room a bedroom, bathroom, office or any other type of space where peace and quiet and privacy are concerns? If so, you should strongly consider upgrading to a solid core door.  
Masonite solid core doors are made with 70% more sound-dampening material than their hollow counterparts, meaning the sounds of the bathroom will stay in the bathroom.

Modern barn doors

A kitchen with modern dark wood cabinets, black countertops, and a black sliding barn door opened to an organized pantry
Masonite 6-Lite Metal Barn Door Kit

Today’s barn doors come in a variety of modern designs that are ideal for modern homes. For instance, Masonite's 6 Lite Metal Black barn door is crafted from metal and glass. This sliding barn door is the perfect save-spacing solution for areas where traditional hinged doors don’t have enough room to swing, like an en suite bathroom or kitchen pantry.

FAQs about modern doors

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about modern doors and their design: 

1. Does upgrading a front door add value?

Yes! Many real estate professionals agree that upping curb appeal in general can command a bigger sale price. An upgrade to your front door is one of the exterior projects with the largest return on your investment. 
Specifically, with the popularity of black front doors continuing to rise, many experts say you can earn an additional $6,500 on the sale of your home by making this exterior door choice. 

2. How else can I modernize my entry?

Replacing your front door with something more modern may be all you need to turn your exterior space into exactly what you envisioned, but if you want to modernize it even more, here are some extra tips: 

  • Add a modern light fixture to your porch. Look around for outdoor lighting that features straight lines and casts the light exactly where you want it.
  • Shop for new door hardware. Just like the doors themselves, door hardware can reflect certain home styles. To start, instead of a round knob, go for a sleek lever handle.
  • Repaint old window shutters. Paint them the same color as your new front door or opt for a complementary hue that will help both elements stand out.
Last Updated: June 28, 2023